Monday, September 28, 2015

Playing with clay

Have to come up to Sydney this week to see Lynne Shori, who is back from PNG.  So my hour a day means I have nothing around me, no studio, no waxes, no paints or anything.

Still determined to find an hour a day to be creative though.  Will take pictures of other things I manage to do or make in my one hour of play a day…

However, before I left to come up here.  John Payne (John Payne pottery, Bingi) and myself worked collaboratively for an hour "playing" and had a great time creating the tea-pot below for a commission to be glazed and fired when he gets back from his holidays…We loved it and enjoyed playing…This is getting addictive!

… Hope everyone else out there is getting the bug too…

John Payne and Ruth Hassall, Clay, 750cmx700cm

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