Monday, September 28, 2015

Playing with clay

Have to come up to Sydney this week to see Lynne Shori, who is back from PNG.  So my hour a day means I have nothing around me, no studio, no waxes, no paints or anything.

Still determined to find an hour a day to be creative though.  Will take pictures of other things I manage to do or make in my one hour of play a day…

However, before I left to come up here.  John Payne (John Payne pottery, Bingi) and myself worked collaboratively for an hour "playing" and had a great time creating the tea-pot below for a commission to be glazed and fired when he gets back from his holidays…We loved it and enjoyed playing…This is getting addictive!

… Hope everyone else out there is getting the bug too…

John Payne and Ruth Hassall, Clay, 750cmx700cm

Friday, September 25, 2015

Let's PLAY!!!!

Hi! I'm the other artist who wants to play....  Belinda and I think the key to creativity at this point for us is about exploration and play.  It's time to jump over our own shadows and go ballistic on technique and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones.  

I am on a binge of playfulness and have set off in about 15 different directions…I plan to produce ugly and any improvement on this will be a win. (I tell myself this and I admit that it helps to keep the mindset away from end result - which sometimes for me seems to create a killing force for exploration).

I have the wax out and am mixing pigments into a wax mix (beeswax and damar crystals). The encaustic results are so intriguing.  I am using paper, charcoal, pastels, oils and have pulled out some old canvases that have under-paintings on them and I have begun to blow wax over the top.  

Ruth Hassall, 2015, Encaustic and Acrylic on Canvas

in the beginning

This is blog a journey of experimentation in textiles and art, in the hopes it leads to a new body of work. A visual diary of sorts. Using one hour a day to focus our work and, two artists trying new things and lets see where it leads us.

I am exploring  the rose, I am looking forward to where this will lead me.

Belinda Jessup 2015, gold metallic thread, machine embroidery.

Belinda Jessup 2015, machine embroidery, each circle has taken one or more hours to complete.