Saturday, October 3, 2015

sometimes its just doodles and ice-cream

Sometimes being creative is just about a doodle in your head.  The idea is floating around there somewhere and then the courage to execute it can come in different guises and forms.  Other times there is nothing there and I just enjoy watching my hand begin to create and then I get interested in what is coming out.  Other times, it's just 'cause its your Dads birthday...

Ruth Hassall, a card for Dad. Colour pencil and pen, 30 September 2015

I used the ice-cream technique as well while on my travels…hashtag eat shit loads of yummy ice-cream with good girlfriend and laugh about the consequences until the morning…then think long and hard about whether we should go for a walk to compensate…or eat more ice cream…you can draw in ice-cream...

A late night purchase with Lynne Shori

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